TREMS OF Service

Pre-Sale Questions

Domain Registration

If the domain is registered after ordering the domain, then it will not be refunded if you want a refund, you will have to take responsibility for any information wrong when ordering, always try to order with all the information, if any company staff. If you do something wrong at that time, it is up to you to take responsibility for any mistakes because the staff has done the work to help you, so always come. So did not order is not wrong, check your mail after registering domain, e-mail can be a lot of importance, such as billing information, including links to kanapharmasana domain, and if you do not confirm the link will take you to the responsibility of

Before your domain expire, you must renew the domain, you will have to pay extra fee after expire, if after 6 months, you will not be able to renew the domain.

Domain Reseller

If the domain reseller’s registration system is integrated with your WHMCS, no separate panel will be provided, if a separate domain reseller is taken at then you will be given a separate domain reseller panel that allows you to register for direct domain. Allow, but this reseller’s domain price is higher, live chat or call to know the price, and we know that the domain reseller The price we provide will be the same as the price of our website, you will need to have a WHMCS panel to pick up our website price reseller. No refund will be given after taking the domain reseller’s funds, you will have to use all the funds for the domain register.

NB: No Info Info Client will be informed of SmartTech IT talk or how to register; Client will purchase from SmartTech IT which Client has to keep in mind so these are the Company’s own policies.

Shared/Cloud/VPS Hosting

After purchasing the hosting from us you will understand the entire cpanel, if you do not understand the burden, then you have to take the responsibility, after receiving cPanel you will have a hosting file or database of the client, the website will change any plugin or code. If the website goes down or the site becomes random, the customer is responsible for hosting such problems. After that you have to take care that your site or hosting is working properly, if it does not work then you should inform the support team within 12-24 hours and if you do not know the money after 3 days and 5 days 6 months then the customer will have to take responsibility for it. If the customer does not have to know about the hosting and cPanel, then in the counter, many misunderstandings will arise, the June Expert Have to pay

** If you do not use any of the Adult Content or Anti-State Hosting in our Hosting, Hosting will be suspended without any notice, if our Host has any problem then cancel the service within 5 days and get refund. Will go
** If Facebook doesn’t block your domain after hosting us, the company will not be responsible for the customer, customer will have to take responsibility.

** If you do not pay your hosting bill on time, that is, if the bill expires in 5 days, then the hosting will be deleted without any notice, which will not be possible to retrieve data or files, you must check the mail or the billing portal. You need to know the time of the bill by logging in. Many times the mail or sms can not go so you have to login to the portal and check.

Our shared hosting cannot be used as any storage, such as video audio files not used for download uploads, only website database and files can be kept as long as they are on a specific plan.

Bulk SMS

No bad SMS and anti-state SMS can be sent via BULK SMS, if this happens the account will be closed without any notice and the account balance will not be refundable, the funds will be used after BULK SMS Fund will not be refunded. By the way, the customer can transfer SMS funds from one account to another and use it if he wants.

Pre-Sale Questions

Facebook Marketing

Here is our add-on:
1. If your Facebook ad account gets flagged because of your page promotion or post boost, I will not return your paid money and cannot be given another instead, you will need to run a new ad again by re-payment. If you agree, I’ll run the ad.
2. If other people flag the account due to Promote or Post Boost, we will transfer the ad to the new account at no charge to you.
3. The reason for not returning the money is that Facebook does not give us the balance that is flagged in our ad account.
4. If you want to know if your ad account has been flagged because of your ad, we will show you the proof.
5. The flag can be flattened even when the ad account is flagged, from the start of the add-on to the active wind even when the spind is started.
6. Cannot remove editor or admin during add-on
So please confirm us by following the above conditions.

Facebook Pre-paid Ad Manager

Terms for Ad Account:
1. After giving an ad account, if you want to flag or verify the account, you have to take responsibility, if there is any problem before giving the account, it is our responsibility.
2. It may be that after adding the balance you will be required to take the account flag or Verify.
3. Since this is a prepaid ad account, Facebook will not back up the balance that is in the account, if the account is flagged, we cannot claim this balance later.
4. If we have admins in our ID, we will be able to re-administer you and if we do not have admins then if anyone removes before then we cannot do the admin, many times the main ID is lost and the ad account cannot be found. For various reasons, if we do not find the ad account, we will do nothing, you have to take full responsibility for the full ad account.

** Since we provide a prepaid ad account, the balance remains in that account. When you flag that ad account, it is flagged with that balance. Which is not true in 5% of cases, meaning that Facebook does not un-flag the flagged account. So when you use or want to use a pre-paid ad account, keep in mind that you have to take responsibility for the balance of that flagged ad account. We will not be responsible for this. And if you appeal by flagging the account with little reason, Facebook will back up a lot of time.

Many times I want Facebook Ad Manager Verify, because the Malaysian account is used in Bangladesh, you can chat and appeal on Facebook if problem arises, you can return 1% of the account, you have to take responsibility for that as Ad Manager is using you.

Youtube Views & Subscriber

YouTube View Subscription is provided through online exchange software, it is Real View Real Subscribed, it will not cause any harm to the channel, not spamming and then you will be liable for the channel if any.

** The company will not be liable for subscribers who subscribe to the YouTube view many times due to a YouTube update, but the customer will have to take responsibility.

** Money Back Guarantee will be 100% paid if you do not subscribe to the YouTube view

Website Design

Customer must understand everything when taking website delivery, if it is not understandable the customer should take responsibility, if after the website delivery the customer changes anything or if the setting or code or plugin is changed or deleted due to the website The customer is solely responsible for the customer, will pay the fee to fix it later, we are just a one-time website. The responsibility of the customer to take delivery of this website. After all, these words are not acceptable
1. I don’t do anything about the website, I haven’t been in many days
2. I didn’t change anything, I don’t know
3. I don’t understand
The only answer to all the questions was when the website was delivered, you were given a complete website.