TERMS OF Services

Pre-Sale Questions

Domain Registration


  1. If the domain is registered after ordering the domain, it will not be refunded if you ask for a refund.
  2. If you misspell any information while ordering, you will be responsible for that. Always try to place an order with all the information by yourself. If any staff of the company does your job then if any mistake is made then the responsibility will fall on you because the staff did the job to help you, For this you will always order so as not to be mistaken.
  3. After registering the domain, check your mail, many important mails can be sent, such as billing information with domain confirmation links, if you do not confirm the domain link, you have to take responsibility for it.
  4. You must renew your domain before it expires, if it has expired, you will have to pay an extra fee, and If 1 month has passed then it will not be possible to renew the domain.
  5. If any report against the domain will actually suspend the domain without any notification, then you need to contact us and complete the next steps.
  6. The domain panel will take whatever we provide, it will not be acceptable for any other panel.
  7. Before buying any domain, check their terms and conditions from the official website of that domain, if you suspend and deactivate the main company after purchasing the domain from Smarttech IT, we will not have to do anything, in that case you have to contact the main company. Such a complaint is not acceptable as  ‘I have bought a domain from ‘Smarttech IT’ and ‘Smarttech IT’ will fix it’.
  8. After purchasing a domain, many times Facebook blocks the domain for content violation, in this case the customer has to take this responsibility.
  9. If a copyright report is received against the domain, the domain will be suspended or removed without any notification.


  • Once the domain is registered, the domain money will not be refunded, nor will any domain transfer be refunded.

Domain Reseller

Domain Reseller

  1. After taking the funds from the domain reseller, it will not be refunded anymore, you have to use all the funds for the work of the domain registrar.
  2. Info clients will not be informed where or how to register for ‘SmartTech IT’, the client will have to keep in mind that the client will purchase from ‘SmartTech IT’ so these are the company’s own policy.

Shared/Cloud/VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting

  •  money in the account to which the money will go, if any charge is deducted, that charge will have to be paid to the client.
  • After submitting the cancellation request, the account cannot be reactivated in any way, you have to buy a new package.

Backups and Data Loss

You are responsible for storing the data of any SmartTech IT hosting. Smarttech IT will not be responsible for data loss due to server crash or any tech related issues, Smarttech IT only provided service and did not take responsibility for data storage, then Smarttech IT automatically saves data to remote server, often due to technical reasons data is stored on remote server. Maybe not, for this the client has to look at the cipanel at his own risk. SmartTech IT does not even guarantee remote backup. Save the backup from cPanel for the client’s own security.

Rules of bad behavior

Smarttech IT reserves the right to suspend or remove the client’s account if a client misbehaves with Smarttech IT’s staff admin or any other person regarding Smarttech IT services.

Site Migration / Transfer

SmartTech will offer free transfer of 

  • After buying hosting from us, you will understand the complete Cpanel. If you do not understand, then you have to take the responsibility of the client, after understanding the Cpanel, if you change / delete any file databa